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Transfer pricing landscape in 2020 in the Middle east

We are delighted to announce a collaboration between LCN Legal and Global Tax Services by offering a series of webinars on Transfer Pricing in the Middle East. The webinars are comprised of 4 parts as follows:

Part 1: Examining global trends in transfer pricing and the ways in which these are reflected in the Middle East, focusing upon particular areas of risk for multinationals

Part 2: Considering matters relating to transfer pricing in Egypt, including examination of the current regulatory status, reporting requirements and the consequences of non-compliance

Part 3: A focus on the evolution of transfer pricing in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, discussing the current picture in each jurisdiction and practical issues surrounding a TP Audit.

Part 4: Reviewing key issues around the impact of COVID-19 on transfer pricing matters in the Middle East, offering practical guidance on how best to navigate the same.

Please join Leiza Bladd-Symms (director at LCN Legal), Rubeena Dina and Anand Vemuganti of Global Tax Services for this journey into transfer pricing in the Middle East:

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